Reasons to Use an OEC Arm

The OEC arm is beneficial in many health care fields. The OEC C arm is used to conduct imaging of a specific area of the body via clear images. State-of-the-art facilities use these arms and prefer them to X-ray and MRI machines because of the higher quality images and other benefits. If you’ve yet to add one of these units to your facility, this is the perfect time to make the addition and expand your services and profits. Some of the best health care providers use these arms for the following services:

  • Cardiovascular Imaging: When it is matters of the heart, patients deserve the best equipment to help them live a healthy life. This machine helps detect a variety of cardiovascular health conditions.
  • Urology Imaging: Urology imaging is used to detect a number of conditions affecting the urinary system. This includes conditions such as kidney stones and/or pancreatic.
  • Orthopedics Imaging: The arms are used for orthopedics imaging as well.
  • Pain Management Imaging: Pain affects an individual in a variety of ways. Oftentimes it interferes with their day-to-day activities. Pain management imaging with this machine can provide clear imaging of the body so that pinpoint of the pain can be made and beter treatment initiated.

There are many ways that you can use this machine and collect imaging quicker and easier than you can with other medical devices out there.

There are several different C-Arm machines available for your health care facility. Each machine has its own pros and cons that you should evaluate before making a purchase. Also, consider the costs of the unit and have a budget in mind ahead of time. Financing options are oftentimes available for your practice, making it easier to get the machine or machines best suited for your needs.